J o s e p h W e s t

Real Estate Broker, Recruiter, Certified training Coach

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Don’t take my word for it. Look what people are saying

There is not a man on this planet that will be more direct, driven, in your face and brutally honest. Delivering all of this with nothing but love and the willingness to help you to do whatever it takes to reach your goals, set a plan in place and really really stick with it. Joseph delivers directly from the heart and his word is his bond. I know him to “believe, achieve and all the while relentless.” He will not ask what he is not willing to do himself. I promise you- with him you will have GIANT results”
Alicia Blas, Landscape Stylist with Firmly Planted

Joseph is a life coach that deploys strength and sensitivity at the same time he helps you t o stay in the purpose, centered and focused. His high level of self awareness is present in every session. As his colleague I value the time that we share and furthermore, I admire his capacity of shifting in the very context of a session reflecting back as necessary .”
Michèle Valensi, M. Ht & Life Coach

Joseph was my Mentor for Kabbalah 1, 2 and 3. I don’t know if my experience would have been the same without his guidance through each level. Our group became a tight circle of support and accountability. Joseph played an undeniable role in making that happen. As a mentor, I always found him to be attentive, patient, thorough, at times demanding and transparent. All coming from a place of love. And, that is why we love him”
Risha Hill, actress/artist

Recently someone asked me to describe the qualities I would seek out for a friend. I thought for a minute and said, constancy. Someone who lives up to what that word means. In business and in everyday life, someone you can count on, someone who is loyal, sincere, honest, who goes the extra mile. Then, I paused, and said, I know a person who l lives up to such a description: Joseph West.”
Bonnie Churchill/ Radio host

Just finished reading Joseph West first debut book Without family ties. It’s about how we deal with life obstacles and the challenges that come our way. It’s both heartbreaking and inspiring & incredibly personal. But through tough times and heartache, he talks about and shares how pain and suffering helped him find Unconditional Love. Without family ties- will take you on an emotional roller coaster. When the student is ready the teacher shall appear. I encourage all to buy and support my friend’s book very inspiring. James Hue/Make-up artist

Joseph is extremely professional, hard working and persistent. He always has the client’s best interest in mind and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Joseph for all your real estate needs. Maria Cina / MeaMac