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Working 9 to 5 is enough to make you crazy if you let it. We live in a culture when often it is all work and no play, we don’t stop and ask the question ,What is this all about ? Working extra hours to achieve the American dream to find out the disappointments once the dream is actually achieved. For the most part ,we are never continent and more  [ Read More ]

Who’s hungry ? Come into my store I got plenty to eat. Feed your soul , gluten free diet is not required , is not food for the body but food for the soul, let me explain Everyone of us has two realms: There is the manifestation of ourselves in this world(our bodies ) The supernal, perfected mirror of ourselves (our souls).  All the pain that we experience, as it  [ Read More ]

Miami Association Of Realtors , Quantity Vs Quality

Posted by joseph September - 17 - 2016 0 Comment

Miami Association Of Realtors , Quantity Vs Quality  With over 43,000 members , Miami association of realtors stand to be the largest local realtor association in the country. I remember someone telling me when I 1st moved to Miami “there are as many realtors as there are cars in Miami Dade county”. In case you are wondering Miami is known for too many cars and traffic. You would not find  [ Read More ]

Hungry For Change !

Posted by joseph August - 17 - 2016 0 Comment

Hungry for change , hungry for what you ask… I am 54 years old , healthy ( as far as I know ) and always got a perfect score on my annul physical.  In 2016 it was time for my yearly ritual check up with my new doctor in a new city. Nothing changed in my life recently , except I now wake up to the sound of the ocean  [ Read More ]

City Of Miami Beach And Short Term Rentals

Posted by joseph August - 5 - 2016 0 Comment

City of Miami Beach and short term rentals City of Miami Beach recently approved a heavy fine for all short term rentals taking place, $20,000 fee to be exact for any condo or apartment leased by the land lord or subleased by a tenant for a short term rental. The definition of short term rental is for a period less than six months. Airbnb is a very known short term  [ Read More ]

The Problem With Real Estate Agents In Miami Beach ! I spent the last 12 months interviewing, meeting and consulting with different realtors and real estate brokers in Miami Beach.  Prior to last year, I spent  24 years in the real estate industry in Los Angeles California. Prior to moving to Miami Beach, I was well aware of the image real estate agents in Miami and Miami beach presented and  [ Read More ]

I recently met someone for coffee, it was our 1st face to face encounter after had met on social media.We both have the real estate world in common ,so we decided to meet on Lincoln Road in South beach, Miami Fl. It was only natural for my new friend to ask about my 24 years career in real estate.  I usually do not meet agents with that many years under  [ Read More ]

Branding: It Is Your Only Option

Posted by joseph May - 7 - 2016 0 Comment

Branding: It is your only option. If you are a small, mid or a big size business or a sole proprietor, branding needs to be  part of your business plan and honestly it is no longer an option. I recently  met with a small business owner new client, as we were chatting I noticed he had zero on line presence. I asked the question, do you have your machine ready  [ Read More ]

Project Management,Miami Beach Voice Of Reason

Posted by joseph April - 28 - 2016 0 Comment

Project Management, Miami Beach voice of reason As a consultant I meet with small businesses often . To my surprise I discovered ” First Look Solutions PM “ a project management company in Miami Beach caters to condominium associations, property management companies that services residential, commercial and private properties. Coming from the West Coast real estate market , this kind of business is as foreign as serving shark fin soup  [ Read More ]

Practicing Democracy From The Seed Level !

Posted by joseph March - 9 - 2016 0 Comment

Practicing democracy from the seed level   I recently attended a political rally in Miami Florida. It was a Bernie Sanders political rally and yes I am a huge fan but this is not why I am writing this post. It was my 1st political rally in my 50 ish years of existence , the place was backed with approximately 5000 guests in down town Miami, Florida . I felt  [ Read More ]