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SEO Growth

SEO: search engine optimization and everything you need to know. Business owners , start ups, entrepreneurs, marketers and  independent contractors must of heard of the term SEO. It is short for search engine optimization and the one thing that must be understood and implemented properly and organically in order for a business/brand to be in the for front. Most people refer to SEO as a tool to generate more traffic  [ Read More ]


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Time was when self-publishing was generally known as “vanity publishing,” and books thus published had a bad reputation. Why? Because the common assumption was that if the book was any good, a “real” (mainstream) publisher would have snapped it up, and so if the author had to pay a vanity press out of his or her own pocket to get the book published, it must not be very good. This  [ Read More ]

South Florida

South Florida Employers offering $8.50 an hour for college graduate. I am not an Employer but I am an independent contractor helping clients achieve their goals. Those goals varies from one client to another, but at the end of the day the goals are always about growth. I meet with different kind of people with different back grounds, however there is always the discussion about making a career move. I  [ Read More ]

Without Family Ties, a self published autobiography. Not knowing how the process works and being the author’s 1st written book, surprises were guaranteed to take place in order to publish his book. There was the writing , editing , publishing and marketing. Writing alone been in the making since 2002. Editing with an editor was very personal and sometimes confrontational. It is a very personal autobiography and taking pride was  [ Read More ]

Without Family Ties: Is a satisfying and enlightening autobiography about a young man’s emotional evolution and spiritual awakening through a series of relationships, business endeavors, and personal obstacles. In 2002 With some childhood questions gone unanswered, and a driven creative psyche, the author began putting thoughts on paper. This would lead to giving birth to this labor of love autobiography called “Without Family Ties“. No sense of direction or writing  [ Read More ]

Good Consciousness

Its Just Good Business Working 9 to 5 is enough to make you crazy if you let it. We live in a culture when often it is all work and no play, we don’t stop and ask the question ,What is this all about ? Working extra hours to achieve the American dream to find out the disappointments once the dream is actually achieved. For the most part ,we are  [ Read More ]

Soul Feeding

Who’s hungry ? Come into my store I got plenty to eat. Feed your soul , gluten free diet is not required , is not food for the body but food for the soul, let me explain Everyone of us has two realms: There is the manifestation of ourselves in this world(our bodies ) The supernal, perfected mirror of ourselves (our souls).  All the pain that we experience, as it  [ Read More ]

Miami Association Of Realtors , Quantity Vs Quality

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Miami Association Of Realtors

Miami Association Of Realtors , Quantity Vs Quality  With over 43,000 members , Miami association of realtors stand to be the largest local realtor association in the country. I remember someone telling me when I 1st moved to Miami “there are as many realtors as there are cars in Miami Dade county”. In case you are wondering Miami is known for too many cars and traffic. You would not find  [ Read More ]

Hungry For Change !

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Hungry for change , hungry for what you ask… I am 54 years old , healthy ( as far as I know ) and always got a perfect score on my annul physical.  In 2016 it was time for my yearly ritual check up with my new doctor in a new city. Nothing changed in my life recently , except I now wake up to the sound of the ocean  [ Read More ]

City Of Miami Beach And Short Term Rentals

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$20,000 violation

City of Miami Beach and short term rentals City of Miami Beach recently approved a heavy fine for all short term rentals taking place, $20,000 fee to be exact for any condo or apartment leased by the land lord or subleased by a tenant for a short term rental. The definition of short term rental is for a period less than six months. Airbnb is a very known short term  [ Read More ]