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Why Do You Get Up In The Morning ?

Posted by joseph September - 17 - 2018 0 Comment

Why do you get up in the morning and why should anyone care ? One might think , its my family , my job, my kids etc , but unfortunately these are things refereed to as ” desires for oneself alone “. what inspires you to get up in the morning ? What kind of difference are you making in people’s lives everyday? There are two kinds of teaching in business:  [ Read More ]

Home Sellers Most Regretful Moments

Posted by joseph September - 12 - 2018 0 Comment

Other wise known as ” For Sale By Owner or for short F.S.B.O. “. We all hear the phrase ” You get what you paid for” and in this case home sellers do not get the result they were hoping for. It is usually about a month before the owners realize this is a no win situation The question is why would a home owner attempt a F.S.B.O. in the  [ Read More ]

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents ?

Posted by joseph September - 1 - 2018 0 Comment

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents ? I have to be honest , the recruiting thing is a bit new to me , usually someone else did that and I was responsible for: Teaching Conscious Business Mentoring Branding Business Development Since I got the additional task for recruiting Real Estate agents and I love a challenge , I said ” bring it “. Then something interesting happened , once the  [ Read More ]

Wilton Manors is Evolving , Growing and Re-Birthing I always say ” Change is the only thing that is constant ” . The city of Wilton Manors: its Population is estimated at 12,773 7,162 Housing Units  5,944 Persons per Square mile  53% of population owns their home  54% of the City’s Housing Units are in multi-unit structures  Median value of owner-occupied housing units $340,200 Wilton Drive Lane Elimination Project Roadway  [ Read More ]

Attention New Or Seasoned Real Estate Agents

Posted by joseph August - 28 - 2018 0 Comment

Attention New Or Seasoned Real Estate Agents If you are a seasoned , new or thinking about becoming a real estate agent , please continue reading. There is a common theme in most by most I mean almost all brokerages to charge their agents a fee and honestly deliver very little in return. The truth is that’s how the brokerage stays profitable . These fees for a seasoned , new  [ Read More ]

Wilton Manors Most Recent Real Estate Sale

Posted by joseph August - 26 - 2018 0 Comment

Wilton Manors Most Recent Real Estate Sale Wilton Manors is definitely going through a reinventing , re-birthing  process. Usually that change begins with the real estate market. I saw this in Los Angels during my 25 years career and I am starting to see the change in Wilton Manors . After all ” Change is the only thing that is constant ” . On August 1st , 2018 2100 NE  [ Read More ]

Why Signature Real Estate Companies ?

Posted by joseph August - 23 - 2018 0 Comment

Why Signature Real Estate Companies ? I relocated to South Florida almost three years ago from Los Angeles California, after a 24 years career in Real Estate. I took time to study the people , culture , business mindset and of-course Real Estate business practice. I began with Miami Beach and I ended with Fort Lauderdale. Lets focus on Real Estate business practice that took me almost two years to  [ Read More ]

Celebrity Lip Sync Battle All Stars

Posted by joseph August - 20 - 2018 0 Comment

Celebrity Lip Sync Battle All Stars, is a quarterly event to benefit Poverello.  This events was generously hosted by one of Poverello strong supporters and local  business in Wilton Manors ,Hunters Night Club”. It was held on Thursday night August 17,2018 and all proceeds to benefit Poverello . Poverello’s employees and volunteers were working extra hard to make the goal achieved which to raise as much money as possible for  [ Read More ]

Best Kept secrets comes to print late 2018. The book is about one’s success , failures , sexual abuse , healing and much more . Best Kept Secrets is a book from the heart, raw and very unapologetic. Most of us if not all including recently I found out ” Oprah Winfrey and Maria Shriver ” , have Anxiety Fear Self doubt and a lot more I eat because I am  [ Read More ]

What Is A Real Estate Broker ?

Posted by joseph March - 23 - 2018 0 Comment

In South Florida, Real Estate practice is very different from places like Los Angeles , New York and Chicago. Miami Association of Realtors’ (MIAMI) primary, active membership recently expanded from 37,328 to 41,518.  Fort Lauderdale is not that far behind when it comes to active agents numbers. There are lots of fish in the sea, but very few doing very little in order not to be the status quo. Real estate  [ Read More ]