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The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A …..

Posted by joseph February - 5 - 2018 0 Comment

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A ….. I recently wrote and published my first book , autobiography titled ” Without Family Ties “. Naturally I am on a quest to find good material for the next book while I read other gravitating , provocative , pushing the envelop kind of books. As interesting as the title is , it was hard to announce it out loud at the local   [ Read More ]

Living in south Florida…. Growing up in Los Angeles with a New York build in energy pretty much sums up my mind set as an individual and what life style I grew up accustomed to. It came a point when the noise of a madding crowd became too much for a man to take..  I love the ocean and everything it has to offer and the need to live in  [ Read More ]

Now that I got your attention, I forgot to add two words. Darkness knows: as long as you are about YOURSELF, everything ll be ok, hope you continue reading. I drove a red convertible 450 SL Mercedes Benz followed by a Land Rover I was consumed by how much to take and make. I was building big tall hedges around my front yard while bathing in the sun in my  [ Read More ]

I am no different when it comes to having my own share of fortunes, misfortunes, heart breaks and gratitude. And yes at times when nothing seems to go my way, and the noise of a maddening crowd makes me feel like I am going insane, thats when the magic takes place Magic ? Oh ya I sit back and recall the astrologer famous words, and I quote: ” You are  [ Read More ]

Blessed By The Mystery Of Love

Posted by joseph January - 13 - 2018 0 Comment

Blessed By The Mystery Of Love Two seekers crossed path while walking on the sand and feeling the ocean water below their feet .They kissed for the first time with legs crossed over under neath the water of happiness. It was as if the stars were aligned for cosmic romantic opening to take place. one was sensitive , with his heart on his sleeves, charming with an infectious smile and  [ Read More ]

SEO Growth

SEO: search engine optimization and everything you need to know. Business owners , start ups, entrepreneurs, marketers and  independent contractors must of heard of the term SEO. It is short for search engine optimization and the one thing that must be understood and implemented properly and organically in order for a business/brand to be in the for front. Most people refer to SEO as a tool to generate more traffic  [ Read More ]


Posted by joseph November - 17 - 2017 0 Comment

Time was when self-publishing was generally known as “vanity publishing,” and books thus published had a bad reputation. Why? Because the common assumption was that if the book was any good, a “real” (mainstream) publisher would have snapped it up, and so if the author had to pay a vanity press out of his or her own pocket to get the book published, it must not be very good. This  [ Read More ]

South Florida

South Florida Employers offering $8.50 an hour for college graduate. I am not an Employer but I am an independent contractor helping clients achieve their goals. Those goals varies from one client to another, but at the end of the day the goals are always about growth. I meet with different kind of people with different back grounds, however there is always the discussion about making a career move. I  [ Read More ]

Without Family Ties, a self published autobiography. Not knowing how the process works and being the author’s 1st written book, surprises were guaranteed to take place in order to publish his book. There was the writing , editing , publishing and marketing. Writing alone been in the making since 2002. Editing with an editor was very personal and sometimes confrontational. It is a very personal autobiography and taking pride was  [ Read More ]

Without Family Ties: Is a satisfying and enlightening autobiography about a young man’s emotional evolution and spiritual awakening through a series of relationships, business endeavors, and personal obstacles. In 2002 With some childhood questions gone unanswered, and a driven creative psyche, the author began putting thoughts on paper. This would lead to giving birth to this labor of love autobiography called “Without Family Ties“. No sense of direction or writing  [ Read More ]