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Born in North Africa just a few miles from the Egyptian Nile, I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13 seeking a better education. After studying interior design at UCLA, I worked at an interior design firm where I learned what it takes to make a home look beautiful both inside and out. My great understanding of the design field, combined with my extensive knowledge of Los Angeles, made Real Estate the next logical move — and that journey began in 1992.

During my 23 career journey, I realized that being a successful negotiator was not enough to satisfy my appetite for life, so I began my soul-searching process. This along with my service-minded approach for business granted me a great deal of understanding and a belief that a good conscious along with respect for human dignity, is the perfect recipe for success. Above all I value human contact and always-developing close personal relationships.

In 2015 and in the spirit of “Change is the only thing that is constant” I decided to embark into the world of South Florida. I always knew that Living close to the beach allows me to see the world from a different lens. After 23 years of successfully hand holding my real estate clients, focusing on social media practice and with my spiritual practice it was the perfect time to pursue a career in Business Development/ Social Media. It is my intention to share and teach my community all the tools I been so fortunate to learn from some of the best spiritual teachers and career mentors I had the merit to learn from.

Being a fire sign provides me with lots of energy, in addition to my creative psyche I am poised to provide YOU with a new outlook on productivity, efficiency and accountability. I love being of service and I look forward to do better today than yesterday.