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168473_1726865766345_1079445196_31900479_3484311_nBorn in North Africa just a few miles from the Egyptian Nile, I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13 seeking a better education. After studying interior design at UCLA, I worked at an interior design firm where I learned what it takes to make a home look beautiful both inside and out. My great understanding of the design field, combined with my extensive knowledge of Los Angeles, made Real Estate the next logical move — and that journey began in 1992.

During my 23 career journey, I realized that being a successful negotiator was not enough to satisfy my appetite for life, so I began my soul searching process. This along with my service-minded approach for business granted me a great deal of understanding and a belief that a good conscious along with respect for human dignity, is the perfect recipe for success. Above all, I value human contact and always-developing close personal relationships. Read more…